Affirm Yourself Mama and Papa

Affirm.Yourself.Right.Now. At any given moment you are doing the very best that you can with the tools you have available in your toolbox. So are your children.

There will be days that will be so satisfying and joyful and then there are days that begin off-kilter. Enjoy the happy days and cherish the hard days. They teach you and your children so much.

The Story

At 7 a.m. in the morning, I awoke with a jolt. My two-year-old was at my bedside, pulling on the covers, and giving me instructions. “GET UP! The Baby’s crying!” Up I got and yes, baby sister was crying. She had been up the entire night before. We each had, because she was running a fever and she didn’t feel good. I changed baby sister’s diaper and carried her to the kitchen to begin feeding her. As I began the process of warming a bottle, big sister decided she needed her breakfast as well and she needed it right that minute. At once, I had a chorus going. Both girls were crying, possibly screaming, and having had no sleep, I joined in with the tears.

Not functioning at full speed, I grabbed the box of Cheerios and began pouring little “O’s” onto the floor. My two year old now had something to nibble until I could get a proper breakfast started. (And yes, my floor was clean, and no, I didn’t consider a bowl as I addressed the need at hand.) Amazingly, it worked and she was satisfied. I prepared the baby’s bottle, she calmed down, I began breakfast in earnest, and I was even able to get myself a cup of good coffee.

Baby Moses

There will be times when it seems like your orderly life has turned into chaos. There will be days when your energy is low. It’s okay and it’s absolutely okay to ask for help. On this particular morning, I had the windows open and a wonderful neighbor heard the chaos inside my kitchen. She came right over and gave me a boost. Let me say this again, it’s okay to ask for help and… it’s absolutely okay to accept help. Some days we just have to “muddle through” until we are back on track. The key is to keep moving forward, one step in front of the other.

Your children give you their very best every day with the tools they have in their tool box. Give affirmation to the what they know and where they are in their development. Remember…they don’t have waiting skills… yet. They haven’t practiced sharing…yet. They don’t have their expressive language in place… yet. It will come as long as you remain consistent in modeling the behavior you wish to see.

Lifting good thoughts for you today, and tomorrow we will dive back into Alphabet Stones!

See you then!


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