Alphabet Stones as Math Tools

How many stones represent living creatures? How many represent something non-living? Let the counting begin!

What What? Alphabet Stones as Math Tools? Oh, yes, it is true. These stones are meant to be used in a variety of ways as a quick and ready resource for play. At home, they are especially quick to pull out while you are making dinner and your children are at the kitchen table. In the preschool classroom, these can be pulled out as a quick station set-up as you work on your rotations for the children.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Living vs. Non-Living

Real vs. Imaginary

Animals vs. Non-Animals, How many legs for each living creature?

What do you see that can be found in the sky? Must stay on land? Can be found in the water? Could do all three?

Soft vs. Hard

Extend the learning:

After sorting, have your children count and then write the total downs down by classification. Which has more? Which has less? You are now giving practice in number recognition and writing. It’s all connected and because it’s hands-on, you will find the children will stay with the learning a bit longer.

If you have a piece of light yellow construction paper, use that as your child’s sorting mat. It is the best background color for working on to hold a young learner’s attention. Blue is calming, red is stimulating and yellow is “just right.” (If you laminate it, you can use it as a playdough mat too!)

Stay tuned, tomorrow we will look at ways to use the stones in other activities that are quick and easy.


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