It’s Beginning to Feel Like Falling Leaves

I know this sounds silly, but having Saturday football on TV -even if it’s not the true roar of the crowd in the stands, still makes my heart go pitter patter! I love college football and rooting for my teams makes me know that fall is here and it’s time to think of packing away summer. I’m ready to pick out pumpkins, take morning walks in less humid weather and watch the leaves float down across the back yard.

With your children, there is so much that can be touched and manipulated outside. Leaves may be changing colors where you live and they are sure to be falling, where ever you live. Pick up a big bag full and lay them out for painting. Maybe your children want to add colors, maybe they want to create faces by adding acorns or rocks, maybe you can do math by sorting the leaves by color and shape and then counting. Add a math activity by measuring the leaves and maybe this is a time you bring in a study on how animals and plants have similarities and differences. Do trees eat? Do they breathe? How do they breathe? Do they drink water? Do they grow? Think of all the ways you can study and compare with learning what trees and people have in common!

It won’t be long before you will need to begin discussions about Halloween and if you are already entrenched in discussions about what is needed for growth, you can roll right into a discussion on bones and skeletons. Bones are such a fun way to study the body and if you have a nice collection of paper towel and toilet paper rolls, put those out in a big basket for free choice and let your children build skeletons. (If you feel your children need a guide on how to lay the “bones”, you can always draw a skeleton out on butcher paper, so they have a giant floor activity.) This supports your visual learners and gives a sensory experience at the same time. Bones can lead to discussions about broken bones and x-rays (if you have a printer, let your child pretend to take an x-ray by placing his/her hand on the screen and printing onto paper.)

These stones allow children to put the skeletons in costume! Found on the Holiday Page.

We will look at pumpkin activities soon. So. Much. Opportunity. For. Literacy, Math. &. Science. It’s time to dust off those songs and finger plays! Here’s one to get you started. Mr. Pumpkin, Mr. Pumpkin, Eyes so Round, Eyes so Round. Halloween is coming. Halloween is coming. To our Town. To our Town.

Have a great day!


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