Halloween Books and Story Baskets

Story Baskets are useable all year long and provide hand- on tools that are so necessary to young children’s learning. The stones below are the perfect size for children to manipulate and can serve as prompts to get your learners’ Halloween stories going. Through storytelling, children learn to be creative in their thinking (seeing images in their minds) and their stories belong to them. As children become familiar with story baskets, you will find they are more likely to pause and not be rushed as they turn the stones in their hands and think through what their stories might be. It takes time, but in a hurried world, it’s nice to slow down the pace and allow for creative thinking.

The books listed below are just a few of the many that you have access to through our public libraries. Goodnight Moon is such a great book and it can be pulled back out at a later time in the year to provide repetition of the information once shared.

Perhaps your little learner writes or dictates a story about Goodnight Moon. In a few months, read your child his/her story and then allow him/her to tell Goodnight Moon again. Look for details –are they adding details to their story? What is their recall of information?

If you haven’t purchased a spiral notebook for your future writers, I encourage you to get one so they can have their own journal. Remember, you are parenting and teaching for each new step. Children may not use the journal as we traditionally think of how it’s used, but giving them practice to hold it, draw in it and write their names and the date gives them much needed support that they will use later in school. It also becomes a quick resource for you to measure and easily see progress throughout the year.

Halloween may look different this year. It’s still unknown what the costumed day of tricks and treats will look like. If you worry about giving candy at Halloween this year, perhaps party favor stones could be an answer for you. Found on the Holiday page, these are available for purchase through October 10th. Each stone comes pre-bagged in a clear bag, ready to give as a Halloween favor at a preschool class party. These are easy to wash and keep sanitized and the stones are about 2 inches in size.

Wishing you the best day today!

See you tomorrow,


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