The Family Quilt

The Family Quilt is singular and unique for every family.

The yearly calendar provides us with holidays that honor our heritage, our faith and our history. This year, our traditions may look different as there may be changes to the way we celebrate together. I think, in this year of 2020, it makes it all the more important that you find those elements you can share with your children that have meaning. It is important for you to establish traditions that are repeated, year after year, so when your children are older, they will be able to choose those elements that gave them meaning and pass those cherished memories and actions onto their own families.

Halloween is coming. If you cannot go Trick or Treating this year, then think of a dfferent idea–maybe you have a family party where you make popcorn balls or bob for apples. Maybe you have a pumpkin carving contest and roast pumpkin seeds. You may find one of these ideas becomes a family favorite and makes its way into your family’s traditions going forward.

Certainly, as we fast forward to Thanksgiving and into December, recipes that are prepared year after year will become treasures that connect past generations to the present. The aroma coming from the oven, the bustle of energy in the kitchen, the tastes and textures of food, the way the table looks and the sounds of comversation will leave strong images. Inviting young children to participate in the preparation of the meal lets them be a part. If all they can do is put spoons at each place at the table, that’s a-okay. They are getting to participate and the bonus is that they are doing a bit of math as they do one to one correspondence in matching a spoon to a table setting. Maybe they draw a card to put at each place. You get the idea.

There is, of course, so much more that goes into a family quilt. When you think about your family’s quilt, most certainly you will tuck holiday traditions or birthday celebrations into the fabric of the quilt. Yet, living your life, day to day, together, is what reflects you. Weaving recorded events into the daily “doings” with purpose and commitment will leave your children with their strongest memories.

We find that in living day-to-day, life can be messy and beautiful all in one. How you handle conflict, expressions you use that are unique to your family, even names and how nicknames got started all represent you. You will find in your family quilt that some years go by so smootly–yes, it’s true. Some years are bumpy beyond measure. Your family quilt may have smooth, even stitching, it may have torn threads or even holes that have emerged. If your quilt rips in half, it can be resewn. The new quilt may be different in many ways as you piece it back together, however, remember, always, if it’s only holes in your quilt, they can be patched. Torn threads can be repaired. It takes consistency, and lots of time, but it can be done.

Let your children know through your example, what gives your life meaning. Take Pictures. Tell Stories. Share the values that define you.

With treasures our lives have been filled, Memories inside hide memories inside of them still. — Good Holmes

Have a fabulous day and think about those wonderful, cherished memories today. It’s not too early to begin planning for the holidays!

See you tomorrow!


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