More to Know about Play Dough

In watching play in young children, we see several developmental steps take place. These steps inform us and allow us to add new learning opportuities that extend a young learner’s skills when the time is right. Here is a quick list of the observable developmental steps that children experience when playing with dough.

When children begin to make balls, imagination takes place.

The first stage is pounding. Children pound the dough with a flat hand, no fist. The flattened dough matches their actions of not having yet developed muscle strength to form curves with their fingers. Once they are able to accomplish this, you will begin to see children create logs or snakes. In this developmental stage we begin to see the hand muscles incorporate the use of the fingers as they roll the dough, back and forth.

As muscles grow stronger, children begin to make balls. We are now seeing the hand muscles and finger muscles working together as the hand begins to cup and the fingers begin to curve over the dough. Once this is mastered, it’s time to pull our the cookie cutters, rollers or other toys to make shapes and patterns. We watch as imagination takes place and children begin imitating real life by using fingers to form baskets filled with tiny play dough eggs.

Play dough can be messy and if this is a concern for you in your home, then take it outside. It is such a stimulating piece of play equipment! If you missed the post on how to make wonderful playdough, please scroll back through the blog. For those that were able to catch the recipe, here are Wilton colors, in case you want to keep this list with the recipe.

Wilton Food Colors

Black-Brown-Christmas Red-Kelly Green-Lemon Yellow-Orange-Pink-Royal Blue-Teal-Violet-White White

Fluorescent Paints – (Can be found in an Art Supply Store)

Chromatemp Tempera Paint (Non-Toxic ASTM D 4236)-

Fluorescent Blue-Fluorescent Green-Fluorescent Orange-Fluorescent Pink-Fluorescent Yellow

Hope you have a fabulous day!

See you tomorrow,


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