The Greatest Gift

Children come to us without shiny bows or wrapped in beautiful trimmings but when they arrive, we realize they have been entrusted to us to provide them our protection, guidance and love. They are a gift.

The Story

A friend that I admire for so many reasons, told me this story. On the day he and his wife went to the hospital, it was clear it was a day that would change their lives forever. Filled with hope about their future, they were there to pick up a five-week old baby they were adopting.

His wife handed him the baby to hold and he says it was as if a bolt of lightning struck him because he realized someone had just gifted them with a baby and when he looked around, he realized it was all a gift- every single thing. His life, the wife that loved him, this baby. Every single thing was a gift.

This new father’s description is so accurate I think. When a new baby comes into your life it may be one of the most profound moments you are blessed to experience. It matters not whether you deliver a baby or you adopt a newborn. You have been handed the greatest gift. It’s yours to receive and yours to protect and love. Hope you have a chance to take a breath today and remember the moment you were first able to hold your new bundle of goodness. Happy Sunday.

See you tomorrow,


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