Supporting Outcomes and First Steps at the Art Easel

As your children begin to gain more muscle control and skills begin to take place, it’s important to support them by noticing the process before the outcome.

Squiggles and Lines, and Hearts, Oh My!

Here’s the example:

Let’s say that your children are learning to draw self images. You notice they only draw a line with a circle. There are no facial features and perhaps that circle is not yet closed. That is where they are in their development. Focus on what they acheived. If all you can find to say that is supportive is: “I really like how you filled the page” then you have encouraged them to feel good about their efforts. Your role is to support their interest so they will look forward to trying again. With time, you will see the circle close, and connections (patterns) emerge as they add eyes, nose, smiles and even hair bows! It’s all developmental. With time, hand muscles and motor skills emerge to support their efors.

This will be true about your child’s learning, whatever the focus is. Repetiton, without force or preconcieved outcomes will make for happier learners. You are setting them on the right path to being curious and willing to try!

Creativity is, in short, problem solving. Children who are allowed to have self-expression are more engaged learners beacuase they are given the freedom to think beyond the lines. Children have a great capacity to see solutions and possiblities through creativity, whether it is visual arts, dance, singing, wirting, or tinkering to name a few.

Give some thought today about how you will provide time and tools to support your artist.

Have a great day, and I will see you tomorrow.


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