And Baby makes Three

The new baby, Lord, sits centerpiece proud on the dining table as we eat a sleepy, still incredulous meal. Where before there were only two at our table, now, there is a faumily eating together. Only you, Creator, could come up with such a marvel, and we are awed even in the midst of exhaustion and newness. May our family dinner conversations, like the meals ahead, mourish and fill as we continue the creating you have begun, the making of a family. ——-Margaret Ann Huffman

I can see this picture in all of its beauty. A new life at the family table. Inclusion from the begining and part of the circle making the family unit complete. It is a Norman Rockwell image to say the very least.

I can also imagine the exhaustion that comes from a baby who perhaps has colic and has been up all night, with parents wondering–will sleep ever come and will the baby ever stop crying?

If you would like a custom baby stone, for a baby shower, send me a note!

Loving your children when you are exhausted, overworked, stressed from pressures of life, come without question. You were made to love. When your new bundle comes, it is as if your heart opened a new space reserved just for them. It happens before you ever see them.

Being able to like and love your children is first of many jobs that will be yours as you parent your children.

Enjoy the roads you travel in life with your new bundle. It’s an amazing journey.

Have a happy day.
See you tomorrow.


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