LIfe is not what you ever expecct. This year, especially, the curve balls have been many for so very many families. And yet… and yet..

This year has also allowed us to pause and take stock of what is important to each of us. I am thankful to be able to slow down and recognize those who are so giving. I have watched neighbors helping neighbors, or churches finding a new way to serve others. The little things, a note card recieved or a text checking in on you, that makes you stop and remember you are important, to someone and often many. It keeps you lifted, even in the midst of a pandemic.

I am blessed to have my sister and her husband, who fixes everything when he visits. I am amazed by the goodness of my daughters and their sweet husbands, my grandchildren, and my abundantly generous and gracious friends. WIthout them, this year would have been too much for me. If any of you are reading this today, I love you. Thank you for loving me back.

I am thankful for fall days. Today, outside my window, are clear blue skies, squirrels scampering and even a couple of hawks screeching from the trees. The grass is fading, and the leaves are turning but in my back yard, the live oaks stand proud and casting their shade-bearing leaves. It’s truly beautiful where I live.

I am blessed to call the TX Hill Country home. Rounding a curve through the hillsides, leads to a vista more beautiful than the one behind. Wide open spaces, slower paces of life. It does help the soul rest when weary.

Of course, there is my dog, a rescue and I do believe he was born to be a Velcro dog. He’s been a great companion during a rather bumpy year.

And, there is the painting. Rediscovered only because life had to slow down.

This November, I have already put up a Christmas tree. Early to be certain, but if any year deserved an early tree, it’s this year!

My blog is slowing down for the moment. There are priorites at home that need my attention. I will get back to it when time permits, but for today, I’m hitting the pause button and giving thanks.

Much love,


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