It’s a Strange Mess

We need to hit the pause button.

I am watching with sadness, sincere sadness, as our country unravels. There is so much hurt everywhere and I wonder how in the world did we arrive at this time in history?

The hurts people feel are real but are they acceptable? Is it okay to loot store fronts and call that anything less than vandalism? What happened in cities across America over the summer, was violence.

And then there is the attacking the Capital building last night, waving the American flag, my American flag and believing it’s justified. It’s worse than vandalism. It is barbaric.

For those hurting, get your voices heard in another way. Violence is not the answer and the damage you are doing to everyone, including the future of your children and your grandchildren is being affected.

I wonder… Where did all the people come from? How did they organiz? Who is funding the masses that show up to riot, beginning with Minneapolis this past summer and leading right up to last night in Washington, DC? Using violence and force as a way to express themselves is not okay. If we follow the money, we might just find out who the puppetmasters are, pulling the strings and tearing us apart. We should hold them accountable. They are the root of the problem.

To our political leadership at the top, in the middle and–on both sides. Stop playing with our lives. My life is not a game piece on your board. You have been entrusted to uphold the Constitution and to represent the people of this country. You are part of the problem. Find your integrity and vote accordingly. If you cannot work across the aisle, then please leave.

To the broadcast media, let me say that I really don’t want your editorial comments. I want the news. Period. If we listen carefully, we hear words purposefully inserted that cause the public to become argumentative, angry, aggitated. So stop it. You are a citizen just like me. If you want to give your opinion, do it on your own time, not on a newscast. And… if you insist on giving your opinion on a newscast, then start labeling with a scroll across the bottom of the screen that states it’s your opinion, your editorial. Like it or not, you are part of the problem.

I am one small voice in a sea of many, but I am also overwhelmed by all we are witnessing. We all need to do better.


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