Take Heart! February is Around the Corner!

Februrary is coming soon and that means love is in the air. But did you know there are other celebrations that mark the lovely month of February? There are so many opportunities to teach kindness to your children this month and so below, today’s blog is filled with ideas you can pick and choose to celebrate the first week with deeds that make you smile or make others smile.

Have a Heart!

February 1– National Dark Chocolate Day. Hmm–what to make for someone special–dark chocolate cake? Hot Cocoa? Or perhaps you decorate a bag and leave it full of chocolate bites for a favorite person to find.

February 2-Groundhog’s Day–be sure to look for your shadow today! Perhaps you do a negative space drawing with a design cut out on carboard. Place that over your paper, have your little artist paint and voila-you have a peice of art that you can recognize and they have enjoyed the process of simply painting! Remember to hang it up so your artist can see it. It is validating to him/her when the artwork is displayed.

Februrary 3- National Carrot Cake Day– this is a great day to teach the art of peeling carrots and it’s such good fine motor for little hands. If you don’t want to bake a cake, have your child tear orange paper into strips and decorate a paper plate. Not as tasty, but still fun!

February 4-National Homemade Soup Day. Read Stone Soup and get busy in the kitchen. Don’t forget to find a stone, clean it and add it to your pot!

February 5-National Weather Person Day. Let’s play dress up today. How would the weather person dress to go out and check the weather today? Do you need snow boots, mittens, ear muffs or do you live where you can put on your flip flops? What does a weather person wear in front of the camera? Should you film your own weather report? I think so!

February 6-Pay a Compliment Day–Teaching children to notice something special about someone is a good beginning to helping them be less egocentric. This is also a time to practice, please, thank you and your welcome. Once you begin this art of kindness, keep it going. As the saying goes– practice makes perfect.

February 7-National Fettucini Alfredo Day. Yummy! Get busy in the kitchen. Cooking together teaches children math (measurements), time, science (properties that change as foods cook) and of course creativity. For example–could your noodles be dyed a color?

This gets you going for the first week of Februrary. Think ahead so you can celebrate everyday. I will add activities for the 2nd week of February soon.

Speaking of celebrations, today is MLK,Jr. Day. It’s a good day to take time to discuss his gift of seeing the person as a person and not as a color. If you are looking for a way to discuss differences with young children, make a chart with how people are alike (all have eyes, ears, nose and a mouth.) How could those be different? Eye color, hair color, sight vs. sightless, or the ability to hear. What if a child has no hair? Does that make that child less of a friend? Of course not.

We were designed to each be singular. Teach your children that everyone has something to teach and offer to another person. It begins with you as the parent, your child’s first teacher to begin the discussion.

Have a great day!


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