Honoring Teachers

Thank you to our teachers! We are grateful for your faithfulness to the children.

This past year of witnessing the teachers and administrators as they have balanced a teaching schedule around Covid has been mind-boggling and for those on the front lines, it’s probably been mind-numbing at times. I admire the strength and tenacity it has taken for these wonderful souls to teach our children. They most certainly need our thanks for all they have accomplished …and they deserve an extra special end of year present this year.

Here are 5 ideas to get your started:

1 A Gift Card to a favorite restaurant –attached to a plate of homemade cookies.

2 A basket full of books or magazines that your teacher would enjoy. Let your child decorate the basket or write a letter of appreciation to that teacher for all that he/she has done this year.

3 A recipe box, filled with recipes you enjoy the most. Include a casserole (such as chicken tettrazini) with the recipe attached.

5 Give them a gift card for a spa package and include a gift bag filled with bath soaps and hand creams.

The gifts the teachers have given to all the children this year will become a permanent part of their foundation as they move forward into the next year. They will be remembered long after the school year ends and for many children, they will be remembered for a lifetime. We are lucky to have had so many step forward with confidence and teach our children well. Thanks some more wonderful teachers. You have made a difference.

Have a great day. See you tomorrow!


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