It Really Does Take a Village

It’s been said it takes a village to raise our children and this is true. When you brought your newborn home from the hospital for the first time , the village was already forming. Grandparents were present. Perhaps aunts, uncles, coursins, and siblings were there. Most certainly, special friends were invited into the inner circle to support and nurture this new life.

There most certainly are angels among us in this world!

Something happens however when the village expands beyond the home and we find ourselves questioning the expanded world our children enter. When you take your children to preschool for the first time or leave them with a sitter for the first time, you may enter this new world feeling anxious. You will wonder silently, “Will my child feel loved? WIll he/she have a good day or play and learn and make friendships?”

I understand these feelings of uncertaintiy. The village has grown and even though you have done your research in choosing the right “spot or sitter” for your children, you have not had experience with the individuals assigned to watch your children while you are away.

We all recognize today that not everyone in the village will be perfect. Be alert and pay attention. If something seems wrong, ask questions and ask for change. You are your child’s stongest advocate.

Please know also, that in our schools at least, the large majority of administrators and teachers are there to partner with you. There will parents of future freinds that will be in your expanding village and the list continues if you include doctors, clergy, coaches, tutors and therapists. Each one will be waiting to work beside you as your children grow.

You have been entrusted with a gift. Guid. Love. Protect. Nurture. Learn all you can and affirm you are doing the best you can. Your children will be the recipeints of your dedication but you will received something far greater. For at the end of each stage of develpment, you will look back and know you have expereinced perhaps the greatest role in life.

Chart the course with care as you navigate the journey. I wish you enough along the way and wish for you and your children, al life of joy.

See you tomorrow!

(c) CK


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