Finding Gratitude

What a Wonderful World

Everyone experiences something hard. Being grateful does not change the difficutly of what you are asked to experience, but it does change your response. I have had to remind myself of this lately! It is easy to get into a pity party when it’s more proactive for you to open your eyes, ask for support and find the support you need. If you do those three things, you will find yourself feeling better. It takes time but it does happen. Gratitude is a daily reminder that helps each of us feel encouraged and “in-couraged” as well.

Deal with your problems and try to be realistic. Accept the things you cannot change and work on those things you can change.

Write this down:

*What is your biggest challenge at the moment? Have more than one?…–Put each challenge on a different sheet of paper so you can sort out how to move forward on each issue.

*Brainstorm five things you can do to help the situation.

*What can you not change about the challenge? How can you reach a level of acceptance if the outcome cannot change? Once you have identified what you cannot change, accept it and let your focus stay centered on what can be done today to make your day better.

I would encourage you to begin a gratitude journal. Start with 50, yes 50, things you are grateful for. Say thank you for those things everyday. Creating this list and setting the habit to list those items everyday will go a long way in keeping your spirits lifted and being more positive. If you don’t have time to write your list down on paper, then begin listing in the shower or when you are driving to work each morning. A mental list works just fine!

Today, I am thankfor for the sun and the rainbows that follow the storms. I am thankful that you took time to read my blog and look at my art. Of course, I am thankful for prayers. If I’m adding to keep my list going, then there are my reading glasses, painting, food in the pantry (no trips to the grocery today) and miracles. That’s only a start to my list! Hope it inspires you to get your list started too.

See you tomorrow.

(c) CK


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