When You Have Questions Surrounding Your Child’s Development

It’s a hard reality to accept when you realize your children may not be perfect! Ha! When my girls were young, they were both accepted into the Gifted and Talented Program at the neighborhood elementary school. Here I was thinking they were gifted only to find out that they were not gifted, they were both highly competitive and driven to accomplish what was in front of them. They were developing normally.

If you child is developing normally and moving through the stages of growth as expected, take a moment and be grateful. If your “gut” is telling you something is not quite right, ask questions and don’t give up until you have answers. Your child needs you to establish his/her new plan and you need guidance from the experts in order to support your child effectively.

Talk to your child’s teachers, counselors, school administrators. Ask questions of your family members. Ask your “observers” to do just that and state their thoughts in terms of “I have observed” and not “I believe or I feel” statements. Ask for referrals to developmental pediatricians, occupational therapists, speech pathologists and pediatric therapists. Each are trained to support your child. The sooner you address your child’s limitations, the greater the chances are for successful steps forward.

Our Children Need Us to Pay Attention and Give them the Tools to Grow in a Healthy Way

Here are eleven things to pay attention to concerning your child’s development:

Hearing-Have tested by age 4

Speech- Have tested by age 4

Eye Sight- Have tested by age 4. Watch for excessive rubbing of eyes

Avoids eye contact

Is uncomfortable with physical contact

Has difficulty in keepins one’s hands to him/herself

Breathing irregularities

Food allergies

Gross motor development, is “loose” -not sturdy on his/her feet

Demonstrates an inability to hear directions and follow thorugh on what is asked

Exhitbits extreme physical agression

Be aware your feelings will be fragile when it comes to questioning the health of your children. It will be hard and this is when you need to remember that parenting is not for the faint of heart.

Move forward with confidence. You are doing the very best for your child who needs your pro-active undestanding, support and guidance. You’ve got this!

Here’s wishing you a sunny day.

See you tomorrow!

(c) CK


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