Have Faith

Love me faithfully – See how I am faithful

With all my heart and all my soul, I am with you though I am far away. — Anonymous

Beauty and Hope are just around the corner. Have Faith

I have often wondered how someone can deny faith. I wonder where they turn when they are hurting. I wonder how they live without hope and joy when days are not so bright. For me it’s a must. They must have a confidence to “go it alone” that I don’t understand because I know every single day, I need support!

In observing children, I have learned that faith comes easily and naturally to them. As infants, they are brought into the world to trust. Trusting you to feed them, bath them, nurture them, protect them, attend to their needs when they cry. All along, you are teaching them about something they cannot touch and yet they can feel its presence. This is important as they develop and learn about things seen and unseen.

In my preschool, I found if I spoke of God with reverance, then the children I interacted with learned to see God as someone to trust and hold special. Because they trusted me, they learned about something they could not see or touch or hear but they knew God loved them and cared about their well-being.

As parents, we have to all realize there will be a time in our children’s journey that they will not turn to us to have their questions answered. You will be thankful in those moments that their decisions will be influenced and molded by what they have learned on their faith journey. They will be okay if you continue to lay the foundation for their beliefs. Have Faith.

Hope your day is terrific!

See you tomorrow.

May 11, 2021 (c)

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