Who You Are Matters

When I attended middle school, my favorite teacher, Ms. Burrow taught us how to diagram sentences.

She also told us to always remember the “W’s” : Who, What, When, Where and Why.

“You is Smart. You is WIse. You is Important” From the Movie: The Help

Who you are matters- greatly. You are a gift to others and from you much is learned and imitated. Children in particular are watching to see how you live you life. I hope you will live it honestly and with purpose.

What tomorrow brings is unknown but the good book tells us 365 times to ‘Fear Not, Do not be troubled, Do not worry’. Trust is something I work on constantly and learning to walk with the unknown is a daily challenge in keeping worries under wrap.

When you walk the walk and talk the talk, others will notice. I wish you enough along the way so you exude kindness to others and have compassion for those who need it. Living with insecurity can consume someone and your gentleness may be just what someone needs.

Where you make your mark in this world doesn’t have to be monumental. It’s in the little things that people will see your appreciation for them. A handwritten note, a poured cup of coffee, leaving your newspaper on someone’s doorstep so they can read the news. Even offering a smile and warm greeting makes a world of difference for someone who might need it.

And finally Why. Why are you important? Because you mean the world to someone and maybe many. Always respect yourself and don’t let anyone tell you that you do not matter. We cannot be everything to everybody. It’s good to know this when you need to move forward and leave drama and disrespect behind. It bears repeating–YOU matter-greatly.

You and I have a purpose and as our lives unfold our purpose changes. Be flexible. Be forgiving of yourself. Be available and say “Yes” when you can. Love yourself always.

You are the big W: The Winner, The Wise One, The Who, What, When, Where and Why!

Have a great day.
See you soon,


(C) May 18, 2021

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