As You Wish Stones

Carol Katrana

Out of every cloud, there is a silver lining. Not always visible at first, but that hopeful expectation of what is next is always there.

As You Wish Stones is my silver lining. From COVID, I began working at home and later needed to leave the education setting due to personal reasons. During the time home, I picked up rocks along my walks and in my back yard and before I knew it, I was painting more and more and soon As You Wish Stones became a reality. I am so loving the requests for custom sets. They are exciting to imagine and create.

Alphabet and story stones support literacy in a hands-on way with stones that are just the right size for young learners. They are easy to clean and store and the uses are endless-really! I must confess, however, the tic-tac-toes are not made for the littles. The stones are very small and are intended for elementary and older.

When asked what is important in the world of early education, I will tell you that I place my priorities on building strong parent-child relationships and the importance of play and hands-on learning. Along the way in my blog posts, I will share parenting tips. Use what makes sense for you. Every family is different and what works in one household doesn’t always work in another.

I love being a Mom to wonderful daughters and son-in-laws, am a bit awestruck at the blessing of having beautiful grandchildren, am married to a kind and gentle soul, lucky to have the best sis and supportive brother-in-law, and of course, there’s Jake, a rescue pup that we are thrilled to call ours. What’s Important?– Faith. Family. Friends. Fun. & Coffee!

Hope you will visit often and check in. If I can create something for you, I am so happy to do it! If you need parenting support and consultation, we can always set up a virtual meeting. I do parent workshops if you want to get a group of your friends together for a 4 week session. We can do those virtually also!

Have a joyful day. Look forward to “meeting” you soon.