Alphabet Stones


A Was Once An Apple Pie

This is the first of 4 in the ABC set. The rhyme that coordinates with each picture is written on the back so you always have it handy. This poem and rhyme is great for being silly and yet it supports articulation and phonetic awareness in a very big way! See the rest of the set in photos on this page. Set: $120 tax included,Shipping and Handling: $30. Total purchase price: $150. This set is SOLD but can be reproduced if you are interested!


Alphabet Animals.

The Alphabet animals and creatures are popular for young learners! New critters to this set include: the kangaroo, the manta ray, the narwhale, the pelican, and the spider. $75, tax , shipping and handling included. SOLD


Animal ABC Story Stones 2

These Animal Stones include new animals including an Impala, Llama, Rhino and Tiger. $75, tax included, shipping and handling included. SOLD.


Alphabet Story Stones , 3 sets remaining and available as of June 1, 2021

This is a fun and playful set of alphabet story stones. 2 sets remaining for purchase. $60, plus Tax, S and H, total is $75 and is reflected in price below. If you would like a custom set, please email me and we will work on it! These are a beautiful set to be used for storytelling, sorting and language development.


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