Faberge-ish Stones and Classic Designs

Hurray for the Blues and Whites

These stones are from the Pacific Ocean and the designs are classic in nature. Eight 3 -4 inch stones of varying shapes and designs are $90 for a set of 8. (To see other designs, please check out the “Shop Collections” page.) Custom sets are available if you wish to do a different combination of stones. With Tax and Shipping, the total is $105. Price reflected below includes all fees.


Bronze and Metallics are stunning

A set of 8 stones, very smooth and the color combinations are stunning. Stones are 3-4 inches of varying shapes and designs. The set of 8 retails for $90. This particular set is sold, but if you like it, a set can be created for you with the same colors and similar designs. With Tax, S&H, the total is $105. Price reflected below includes all fees.


Green and Rosy Pinks for Spring

This custom order is made up of 8 stones that are from the Pacific Ocean. Each stone is different and if you would like a set like this, you can customize the flowers you would like in the set. This set retails for $45. With Tax, S&H the total is $55. Price reflected below includes all fees.


Butterflies in Motion

2 inch stones from the Atlantic Ocean. Very smooth and this set is sold and sitting in someone’s garden among the flowers. The set of 7 stones retails for $42. This set is a water color set, using acrylics. If you would like a set similar to this, then purchase below and I will get one created for you. With Tax, S & H , the total reflected below is $55.


The Faberge-ish Stones

A set of 8 of these very detailed and beautiful stones is $90. Stones are from both the Pacific and Atlantic Coasts and the stones are very smooth. Sizes range from 3-4 inches. Please check out the “Shop Collections” page to see what is possibel in creating these sets. You can choose the designs you like best if you would like! By ordering this set, we will need to communicate about what you would like best. WIth Tax, S& H, the total is $105 and is reflected below.


The Faberge-ish Stones in sets of 3

Looking for something unique to brighten up your powder room? These stones may be just what you need. Add 3 Faberge-ish stones to your sink and watch your house guests be delighted with this touch of design. I would reccommend adding them to natural stones underneath to add a bit of volume in the sink bassin. These 3 exact stones are sold but something similar can be recreated. They retail for $35 WIth Tax, S& H, the total comes to $42.