Creations for Ages 3-93

For He shall give his angels charge over you to keep you in all your ways. In their hands they shall bear you up lest you dash your foot against a stone. Psalm 91: 11-12

Hi there!

I have had questions from readers, wondering about As You Wish Stones, so I am hitting the pause button on sharing my thoughts on early learning today so I can explain more about my art pages. Hope this answers your questions and am happy to visit through email if you would like to send a message!

As You Wish Stones has been created to support literacy development and early learning, provide access to affordable art and allow you the opportunity to participate in the creation of your stones.

Here you will find alphabet stones that encourage letter and phonological awareness as well as storytelling. Alphabet picture stones are approximately 2 inches and are flat. They are not heavy and are easy to manipulate.

Story stones are designed so children can retell stories using the stones as prompts. I am happy to create stones to accompany your favorite books. The story stones are approximately 2-3 inches and are smooth. They are meant to be held and handled so children can have a tangible connection to the story.

I have created a Holiday Page where you can find games, holiday themed story stones and I have added enclosure cards, with envelopes, that can accompany gift cards. The most popular holiday set at the moment is the Nativity. The Nativity in particular, includes ten stones plus one. Stone eleven is up to you on what you might want in the set. One order recently asked for a longhorn, and so… a longhorn made it into that set!

Of course you can custom order a set, by giving a general description of what you would like. Custom sets are created using the 2-3 inch stones, mixed with 1 inch and smaller stones. You might want a host of angels or you might want a set that defines settings that are important to you. Custom sets include at least 8 stones.

Perhaps you would like a quirky piece of affordable art. In putting the stones together in a certain way, animals emerge and they are fun for a coffee table or even to place along a walking trail for others to enjoy. These are made from beach pebbles, river rocks and landscaping stones. Textures and sizes vary as do the shapes. An added bonus is the opportunity to have animals painted on both sides of the stone. (See the example below)!

Bunny on One Side, Zebra on the Other Side!
Flip me over, and find my friend, the bunny!

You might be inspired to do a stone painting party for your children’s birthday parties, or have friends over for a fun and different type of painting party. The animal creations are ideal for these parties as they give the artists an example of what is possible. If that is something you are interested in, As You Wish Stones can create bags of stones that work for your animal creation so all you have to do is add the paint and lay the stones out on the table. I would suggest using acrylic paint pens for your adult get-togethers but washable markers might be best for birthday parties –just in case there is a slip of the wrist and the paint ends up on someone’s clothing.

And last but not least, there are pocket pixies, just waiting to be a pocket friend and companion! Fun for children, they can be collected and traded. The starter set comes with twelve stones–one for each month and the stones are 1 inch, flat and smooth. Just the perfect size for a pocket companion! You can decide if you want other pixies added to a collection. The options are endless and could add whimsy to mark a birthday or do as party favors at your painting party!

Enjoy browsing and reach out anytime you have a request. After all, it is As You Wish Stones!


An Introduction: As You Wish Stones Blog

Spread Your Wings and Trust Your Future.

You never know when life is going to take a turn, and during the pandemic, I began to paint…. something I hadn’t done since my grown daughters were preschoolers. What started out as a hobby, grew into more and here I am, having left my full time position as a school head, and launching into a new venture.

Truly, As You Wish Stones is evolving and after 30+ years in early childhood I believe the goal is twofold: Creating affordable story telling art for children and parents and customizing that art to fit the personalities and experiences of each family as requested.

With so many years in early learning, this blog will give you insights into literacy for early learners, avenues to explore story stones to their fullest and it will be place where I can share my knowledge as parents navigate the ages of two-five. If you would like to set up a Zoom consult, let me know and I am happy to support you. It’s part of what I can offer, now that I am on my own!

In the blog, you will find parenting advice, ways to use the story stones and stories of children I have met over the years, who left me inspired after meeting them.

I plan to post daily, so check back everyday for the newest ideas!

Happy to meet you and welcome to As You Wish Stones!