An Introduction: As You Wish Stones Blog

Spread Your Wings and Trust Your Future.

You never know when life is going to take a turn, and during the pandemic, I began to paint…. something I hadn’t done since my grown daughters were preschoolers. What started out as a hobby, grew into more and here I am, having left my full time position as a school head, and launching into a new venture.

Truly, As You Wish Stones is evolving and after 30+ years in early childhood I believe the goal is twofold: Creating affordable story telling art for children and parents and customizing that art to fit the personalities and experiences of each family as requested.

With so many years in early learning, this blog will give you insights into literacy for early learners, avenues to explore story stones to their fullest and it will be place where I can share my knowledge as parents navigate the ages of two-five. If you would like to set up a Zoom consult, let me know and I am happy to support you. It’s part of what I can offer, now that I am on my own!

In the blog, you will find parenting advice, ways to use the story stones and stories of children I have met over the years, who left me inspired after meeting them.

I plan to post daily, so check back everyday for the newest ideas!

Happy to meet you and welcome to As You Wish Stones!